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Top 5 places to discover while travelling in Europe 2016

“Life is a book and those who don’t travel only read a page!” Just a glance at the quote and the traveller inside you will stir and sit up! After all, what else in the world can challenge you, educate you and open your eyes all at the same time? And what better time to travel than in your early 20s, when you are just out of college, on the look-out for new adventures and at the threshold of settling in your lives. Who knows what you might discover!   We have a list of European cities for you to backpack to right now! Because no matter what your type, Europe has it for you! Night crawler? Check. History lover? Check. Romantic at heart? Check again. Europe simply has it all!   MILAN, ITALY Fashionista of your college? Are Gucci and Louis Vuitton to you what Neyamar, Ronaldo and Messi are to football lovers? Well, Milan is the city for you. Arguably, the fashion capital of the world, brands like Prada, Versace and Armani call it home.The city is

Tips & tricks to make travelling with pets safer

Essential tips to make your dog's trip safer Having your dog along with you on a trip can be loads of fun. It can be exciting as most of us consider dogs as part of our family. But that is only if you make all the right arrangements. A  poor planning can be a fatal disaster for everyone, especially for your pet. So we decided to share some wonderful tips to ensure the vacation is as smooth as possible with your furry companion. Preparing Your Dog ready for travel Road readiness evaluation If you are planning to take your canine pal with you, make sure to choose the best and safest option for him/her. In case you would not be spending much time with your dog, he would be much happier and content at home than taking that trip along with you. Health & Safety In order to make the trip enjoyable, it is always recommended to take your canine companion to a vet. Make sure of all vaccinations and if necessary the health certifications done. And be sure to carry any medica


Top 5 places to discover while travelling in Europe 2016


Tips & tricks to make travelling with pets safer


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