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Must Visit Japanese Restaurants in London

If you are a sucker for authentic Japanese food and want to get the most for your money in London then look no further. From self BBQing to a bit of chef showmanship, here is a list of some of the best Japanese restaurants in London that you should visit! 

Must Visit Japanese Restaurants in London

3. Inamo

Technically Inamo is classified as Asian Fusion however we couldn’t do a list such as this without including the awesomeness that is Inamo, which should become apparent as we continue.

Inamo has locations in Soho, Covent Garden, and Camden, which is where we are here. It almost goes without saying that the food is great which we will get onto shortly but the real clincher here for Inamo is your interactive table. Want to show your caring side, bring out the pink flowers, want to show artistic you are, just select the drawing mode and color away to your heart’s content, want to disguise the fact you’ve spilled Soy Sauce all over the place, there’s a table pattern for that too!

Beyond that, you can watch the chef cam to keep an eye on your dishes preparation, you can see a couple of previews of what those Chicken wings will actually look like on your plate, you can even play a round of Pong! With all these distractions, whether its a meal for 2 or a group of you, Inamo already stands out from the crowd. All this and yes, of course, the food is top-notch also!

Firstly, you sift through the menu via a tablet on your table, which is kind of cool as you will enjoy being able to see pictures of what you’re about to eat. Then it all comes out as it is ready off the stove. All of the food is tasty, succulent, well presented and a great mix of flavors on your table and great for sharing too.

We would recommend joining their mailing list as they occasionally send great offers via email.

Address: 11-14 Hanover Pl, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9JP, United Kingdom

Monday 5–11pm
Tuesday 5–11pm
Wednesday 5–11pm
Thursday 12–11:30pm
Friday 12pm–12am
Saturday 12pm–12am
Sunday 12–10:30pm




Phone: +44 20 7484 0500

2. Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo is a Japanese owned firm with 8 branches operating in Tokyo and 6 from London. What makes Eat Tokyo stand out is its massive menu, authentic dishes and probably the best value of money option on this list. As mentioned the menu offers a wide variety of choice, complete with large boats full to the brim of sushi.

For smaller groups, you can really mix and match with smaller plates to cleanse the palette. On this occasion, we started with Tuna Tataki with Ponzu, tempura sushi roll, sweet potato croquette, vegetable and shrimp tempura, and Katsu Don.

So if you are looking for high-quality Japanese cooking at a great price, make sure you pre-book at Eat Tokyo as there’s often a line to enter. 

Address: 16 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4TL, United Kingdom

Monday 12–10:30pm
Tuesday 12–10:30pm
Wednesday 12–10:30pm
Thursday 12–10:30pm
Friday 12–10:30pm
Saturday 12–10:30pm
Sunday 12–9:30pm


Phone: +44 20 7439 9887

1. Kintan

Finally, Kintan, which is a modern authentic Japanese Yakiniku experience which literally means ‘grilled meat’. It’s a Japanese take on the Korean barbecue and one of the most popular dining styles in Japan with each table containing its own BBQ grill. This allows you to cook the meat yourself so grill to mouth is rarely beyond 5 seconds, creating some of the most bespoke, freshest tasting flavors you can find.

Situated near Chancery Lane tube station, you are immediately welcomed with some Japanese decor and the sounds of sizzling beef. Being Japanese, Yakiniku restaurants employ a little engineering genius to provide smokeless table grills so that your clothes will thank you later. The menu offers a wide wide variety of bite-sized cuts of meat, especially beef and pork, some marinated, and some designed to complement the amazing homemade table sauces.

As your waiter fires up the grill in preparation for the main course, the starters arrive. Enjoy a Spicy salmon tartar volcano, some Octopus dumplings known as Takoyaki, and Chicken Karaage, or fried chicken. You can tuck into cuts of Beef Kalbi short rib, Garlic Butter Beef Kalbi, and Miso marinated Beef Kalbi.

For the sides, Garlic spinach and butter corn both foil wrapped for some steamy goodness. Drinks follow suit with the authenticity, with sake, plum wine, and Japanese beers to boot.

The cost is reasonable for the quality that you receive but their Happy Hours make them even more amazing value. Kintan is an amazing experience with something a little different, bursting with flavor. If you would like to sample an authentic Japanese food experience in London, you can’t go wrong with Kintan. 

Address: 21 Great Castle St, Marylebone, London W1G 0HY, United Kingdom

Monday 11:30am–11pm
Tuesday 11:30am–11pm
Wednesday 11:30am–11pm
Thursday 11:30am–11pm
Friday 11:30am–12am
Saturday 11:30am–12am
Sunday 11:30am–11pm




Phone: +44 20 3890 1212

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