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How Booking Works

The booking system works as it follows:

a. Registration / Login step

Users must login. OR they must register in front end in order to submit a booking request.

Login/Register can be done from the header menu:

login register

Users must login/register in order to submit their properties. This is mandatory for their contact info to be saved and displayed accordingly with properties published under their name.


b. Send a booking request

After that, they will select the start date and end date in the booking form. The system will check the availability dates and if the property is free for rent it would display the price calculations considering the various price options the user set up. If everything is ok the user can push the book button again.


c. Owner approves or rejects the request

After the booking request was made the property owner receives a notification that a booking request was made for one of his listings. He will go into the dashboard area – my bookings page – and check the request. If everything is ok he will issue an invoice for the user that made the request.


d. HolidayPorch fee payment

The user that initiates the booking will now receive the message that an invoice is issued and he needs to pay the downpayment value in order to confirm the booking. He will go to – My Reservations page and pay the invoice via Stripe or Paypal. When the invoice is paid the booking will be confirmed and the dates will be blocked in the listing calendar.


Booking payment options are ONLY for HolidayPorch to receive a fee of the total invoice before booking is confirmed.

More info: Manage Booking Requests in HolidayPorch

e. Cancel Approved Booking 

The property owner can delete confirmed bookings as well.

confirmed booking