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What do I do if my prices are not correct?

To change the pricing of a listing, log in to your User Account and go to the ‘My Listings’ section. Click ‘Edit’ next to the listing which you would like to change the pricing for.

Click on ‘Price’, then enter the new information and click ‘Save’.

If you have realized that the price is wrong for a listing at the time of receiving a booking request, you should refuse the booking and update the price using the above steps. Contact the guest using the HolidayPorch Messaging Service and let them know that the price was wrong and that they can book the property again with the correct price.

If you have already accepted the booking request, you should contact the guest and our Customer Support Team to inform them of the error. If the guest accepts the new price, our Customer Support Team will change the booking for you. If the guests do not accept the new price, you will need to cancel the booking and will have to pay the cancellation fee.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee that the guest will accept the updated price, particularly if it is higher than the original price. It is therefore very important to always make sure your prices are up to date so as not to have to refuse requests.