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Which safety precautions should I keep in mind when making a booking?

  1. Verify the profiles and ratings of your potential hosts.

Check for trustworthy images and read the ratings of other HolidayPorch guests. It may happen that no reviews are available due to the host being new to our platform. In the case that you find doubtful information, please contact us.

  1. Read the offers thoroughly.

Read every detail that the hosts have written in the offer description regarding the characteristics as well as the house rules, in order to avoid any kind of unwanted surprises. In addition, you should inform yourself about the kind of cancellation policy your potential host has chosen to apply, and agree to it before making a booking.

  1. Payment and communication with the host must be done via the HolidayPorch platform.

If you pay or communicate outside of HolidayPorch, it is more difficult for us to protect your data, meaning the risk of potential fraud cases can increase. For that reason, our terms and conditions prohibit those actions, and we kindly advise you to complete all the required steps solely using our platform. Do not make any reservations or payments to hosts outside the HolidayPorch website.

Use our messaging system before booking to discuss details about the accommodation: i.e. questions related to the neighborhood, if the accommodation is shared or not, or any further details you would like to know. After booking, you should also use this tool to plan your check-in together with the host. Please note: do not carry out any financial transactions after talking with the host, nor upon arrival, unless this was clearly displayed in the offer details prior to the booking request.

  1. Book travel insurance.

HolidayPorch offers travel insurance for its guests. In general, travel insurance is a good and economical option in case of an emergency or injury during your stay. Some insurance options even cover the loss of luggage, delays or possible cancellation. Please contact us for further information.