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Why registration is required to book in HolidayPorch

In HolidayPorch, register/login is mandatory to send a booking request.

There are several important reasons for which we designed the website to work this way (and why other major reservation websites like Airbnb, HomeAway, etc do the same)

– First of all, not wanting to register to send a booking is like wanting to have an email account without a way to identify yourself. And without registration, who will receive confirmation, who will receive invoices, messages or more important cancellation messages?

– Secondly, if someone makes a reservation and doesn’t remember the dates, price or other info, how to check that info as admin?

– Thirdly, how someone who rents is able to get in touch with the owner? Right now the owner details are available after a confirmed booked and only for the user who makes that booking. If you don’t have an account, contact info cannot be shown.

– Another issue is related to payment – how to identify the user who pays the admin fee? What if he is doing fraud?

And these are just some of the issues that would happen without registration.

Besides that, no user who wants to book a room will leave because they need to have an account.

No one is comfortable to make a payment without having access to the reservation info, payment info and a way to communicate.

Also, the only way for the admin to check the communication between the 2 parties to make sure they are not doing business without you, and that can happen only if they use the internal message system – which requires registration.